11 April 2010

Well, so much for the diet. I am trying to be good, but that four letter word just doesn't work for me. I guess I just need to accept what I look like, exercise when I can, and just like myself. Yeah, right.

29 March 2010

Lose, Lose, Lose

Well, hopefully today is the the beginning of the rest of my life. NOT!  I was doing so well, had lost a lot of weight, then, due to weather and, let's face it, lack of weather-related motivation, I've gained back a few pounds. Of course, not exercising regularly and eating tons of ice cream didn't help!

So, time to once again cut out starches and start walking. And right now? I'm starving!  And I NEVER get hungry during the day! It's all pyschosomatic, I swear!  I was good; brought my soup and two apples to work. Had one apple during advisory, around 8:30 a.m. Now I am longing for lunch!  Me, who can go all day without eating and not even notice!!!!! I'm staring at my other apple, but if  I eat it now, I'll have nothing for an afternoon snack, which I do need, as I eat lunch by noon and dinner's not 'til six! 


15 September 2009

True Blood: Season 2 Finale

Yeah, Sam!  Trusting Bill to get you out of being sacrificed took guts!  For someone who has never been warm (get the pun?) towards Bill, it took courage for you to allow him to save you. And save you he did!  The way you put an end to the maenad showed that you definitely have what it takes to be a hero - even though up to this point that has been debatable.

And then looking for your parents!  Going back to your adopted parents, after they abandoned you, was an act of sheer bravery, determination at its best! And your adopted father handing you a note that said "I'm sorry" had the tears streaming down my cheeks! Your quest to find your family, and others like you, is both commendable and necessary; you need to find peace within yourself, and knowing who you are and where you came from will help.

And Eric, you nordic, god-looking vampire!  Sneaky, manipulative, yet somehow still human.  I just know that deep beneath that non-beating heart lies a man who still has human feelings, and failings. Not that you'd ever admit that, but this was abundantly clear when you were concerned about Godric, your maker.  Your love for him shone bright, a radiance that demanded attention, a radiance that all could see.  Do I see the hardened shell around you cracking?

And Bill.  Whatever possessed you to take up with a human?  Could it be because you hate who and what you are? Well, get over it!  You can't change what you are, but the who you are depends on you.  And so far, you're looking like a pretty decent fella to me.

Sookie.  Your undaunting courage and sheer recklessness has poor Bill beside himself.  While I admire your pluck and perseverance, I wish that sometimes you 'd think before you speak or act.  That way poor Bill won't have a coronary - oh, wait!  He doesn't have a beating heart!  Perhaps his love and concern for you wll get his heart beating once again.

Jason: I LOVE your arms!  It is clearly apparent to anyone who sees you that you work out - hard.

Lafayette:  I love you!  Your quips have me laughing, and your sense of honor, while hidden underneath your tough-guy veneer, is commendable.  You've got what it takes, boy!

Jessica: Grow up.

Hoyt: Get out from beneath your mama's apronstrings, and be a man!  Do something for yourself!

11 September 2009

Season 5 Premier of Supernatural

I absolutely LOVED last night's Supernatural 5th season opening!  When Sam and Dean inexplicably find themselves on an airplane, I couldn't help thinking that the writers blew it; that they didn't know how to believably extract Sam and Dean from their predicament. From that point on, though, I was enthralled!  I absolutely LOVE the character of Dean, played spectacularly by Jensen Ackles.  Dean is an absolutely lovable scoundrel with a noble, innate moral code mixed with a down-to-earth outlook on life .  Who else could say " "I got a GED and a give-em-hell attitude" and be both believable and sardonically funny?

Dean's humanness is clearly shown at the end of the episode, when he has to admit to Sam that their relationship may never be the same. This admission costs him something; something that will take him - and Sam - through a journey of forgiveness.  Dean shows here just how vulnerable he is, something he has hidden for the last four years.  Dean's hurt parallels our own feelings about family who are not always loyal.

Good for you, Dean Winchester!  Your humanity has just been revealed!

21 August 2009

Rants, Raves and Revelations

I happened to be in Barnes and Noble in Warwick this weekend, looking for some new reading material. As I wandered around the store, I happened to see James Frey's "A Million Little Pieces" in the Biography section. "That's strange," I thought to myself. First, it's a memoir, sort of like an autobiography, and second, there was such an outcry about the book being "embellished and/or exaggerated" that I found it interesting to see that Barnes and Noble was stocking it in the non-fiction section!

Personally, I LOVED the book! I loved the way it was written, and I loved the message. If I am to be honest, I must admit that the thought of the book being 100% true was part of the allure, but I was not terribly disappointed to find out parts were embellished. The message in the book is one of hope and redemption; that's a message that anyone can use, regardless from where the message comes!